miniBOOSTER range of pressure intensifiers. 

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HYSPECS are the distributors for the miniBOOSTER range of pressure intensifiers. 

miniBOOSTER have a comprehensive range of hydraulic pressure intensifiers that cover 15 intensification factors up to 5,000 bar and flows up to 400 l/min, using almost any media including tap water. The range covers flanged versions, tube versions and cartridge versions and includes standard blocks with built-in valves option that dramatically reduces the need for space and piping.

miniBOOSTER is commonly used to supply high pressure to attachments where small cylinders and high force are required.

The miniBOOSTER can utilise the low-pressure vehicle hydraulic system to supply high pressure to operate high-pressure tools, compared to using expensive high-pressure pumps with flexible hoses. Click here to see how the miniBOOSTER works.

Click on the links below to view some of the real world applications for utilising the miniBOOSTER products.

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