Hyspecs Turns 50!

— Hyspecs Hydraulics

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Mid 2022 marks 50 years since Hyspecs was born.

This is a massive milestone for any business.  We are especially proud to be able to say that there are customers that were with us from the beginning, still trading with us today. They to can proudly celebrate a ½ century of operation. Speaking of customers, it is ironic that many of our current customers weren’t even a twinkle in their fathers’ eye when we started!

We have been thru at least 4 massive downturns, we have surfed waves of economic boom times and all the while we have stuck to our principles of Knowledge, Service, and Integrity. In other words, we have put people first, our customers and our teams. This is by design and was the founders’, Wynne Cranston’s core values. Later, when we merged with Dales Hydraulics, he was careful to ensure that the Dale’s values matched this, which of course they did.

Hyspecs has grown and prospered through tough times and boom times thanks to the loyalty of our customers and the dedication of our brilliant staff.  Earthquakes, fires, crashed cars, smashed buildings, burglaries, and the small matter of a world wide pandemic have only strengthened our resolve to forge ahead in the world of Hydraulics and now Electro hydraulics. Engineering fields in which we are deeply passionate.  

After starting with 2 people in a converted garage, we are now 64 strong, spread across 5 branches, 3 satellites and 2 countries.  We intend to be around for at least another 50 years and with so many changes in the first 50, it is exciting to imagine of what our customers will be building then. We will keep up our rigorous internal technical staff training. Adjusting this as new technologies and opportunities arise. We want to continue to be your trusted partner for all things hydraulic. Give us a call, we are here to help.

There are so many exciting changes taking place across the company and this itself shows how we are constantly reinventing ourselves to meet the needs of our clients and provide an environment where our team members can prosper. We aren’t afraid to look at what we did right and especially what we did wrong in order to improve.

It is this approach that has seen us provide for our industry in the past and we know that it will be the way we work to towards assisting our customers achieve a vibrant future.
Richard Krebs