Galtech Hydraulic Products

— Hyspecs Hydraulics

Hyspecs stocks a full line of Galtech hydraulic hand and gear pumps, motors, mono-block control valves and diverter valves. Designed for mobile applications the Galtech range of hydraulic products represents good quality and value.

Cast Iron monoblock manual and electric directional control valves

  • One to eight bank valves
  • Pressures up to 350 bar, with built in relief
  • Flows to 120 l/min with good featherability
  • Power beyond and detent options
  • 12/24 VDC Electric solenoid option with manual override
  • Hydraulic, pneumatic and remote cable actuator options
  • Dual axis lever option for double bank valves
  • Cylinder, motor, single and double acting spools, open or closed centre

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Aluminium gear pumps and motors

  • Pressures up to 250 bar with built in relief as an option
  • Flows to 145 l/min, speeds up to 6000 rpm
  • Pumps can be joined together with common shaft
  • Standard Euro or SAE mount options
  • Bi-rotational motors with case drain
  • 12 tooth gears to give decreased noise levels
  • Parallel, tapered and splined shaft options

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Hand Pumps, diverter valves

  • Integral hand pumps and tanks (1-10 litres)
  • Pressures to 350 bar
  • 12, 25 and 45 cc per stroke
  • Double action with flow reverser option
  • Integral relief and check for load holding
  • Stand alone hand pumps
  • Pressures to 250 bar
  • 20 or 30 cc per stroke
  • Single action
  • 3 or 6 port cast iron diverter valves
  • Up to 315 bar
  • 3/8", 1/2", 3/4" and 1" BSPP ported * 50 - 180 l/min

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