Donaldson TRAP Breathers

— Hyspecs Hydraulics

Moisture meets its match. It’s time to stop trouble from getting into your system.

Water means trouble when hydraulics circuits are involved. Hyspecs stock T.R.A.P. Breathers to avoid water from sneaking into your hydraulic circuits.

The TRAP design allows the moisture to be exhaled back out, this technology allows the product to last longer instead of having to change breathers as often.

We stock two types of breather heads, they are not available on the website, but a Sales Engineer would be able to assist:

  • P565616 - filler breather with bayonet adaptor and electronic indicator, designed to fit with the bayonet flange / 4” nylon basket, P563874.
  • P564669 - breather with electronic indicator, designed to screw directly into a 1” NPT bulkhead fitting, usually mounted in the lid of the oil tank.

TRAP breathers:

T - Thermally

R - Reactive

A - Advanced

P - Protection


For further information and advice call us on 0800 497 732 and talk with a sales engineer or email