Beat the Heat - Use Emmegi Hydraulic Oil Coolers

— Hyspecs Hydraulics

We might be looking forward to the summer heat and some outdoor fun, but our hydraulic systems might need a bit more monitoring over the sunny period.

Monitoring oil temperatures is imperative when the system is in operation. If the oil temperature rises above a reasonable working temperature when operating, the odds of system breakdown will increase significantly. 

Browse Hyspecs range of Emmegi Air Oil Coolers and Water Oil Coolers.

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There could be a number of reasons why your system might be reaching dangerous temperatures. Check these while keeping in mind the seasons and weather temperatures.

  • Relief valve - To allow actuator operation, the relief valve should be set to the lowest pressure setting. Heat is generated anytime you have flow across a pressure drop without work being accomplished.
  • Pressure reducing valve - Heat is generated across the metering orifice.
  • Pump unloading - When actuators are not in operating, make sure that the pressure in the pump line falls to a low value.
  • Reservoir - Check proper oil level; it should be three times pump capacity. Confirm that the reservoir is not covered with oil, dirt or unwanted chemicals on all sides, top and bottom and are open and free to air currents. The reservoir should be free of external heat sources in direct contact with the reservoir and components. Avoid direct sunlight if possible.
  • Application - Ensure the system not being asked to do more than it was designed for in conditions that it was not designed for.
  • Speed controls - If flow control valves are supplying excessive power to the cylinder but not doing any work, ensure proper actuator speed by reviewing all pressure-compensated flow control valves and manual flow control valves (needle valve).

Hyspecs stocks a range of sizes to suit your required flow rate (up to 180 l/min or more with parallel installations), ambient and oil temperature, kW cooling required and fan power available.

For more information on the Emmegi Oil Coolers or possible alternatives to keeping your system cool and working, give a Hyspecs Sales Engineer a call on 0508 497 732 or email