The Turntable That Costs as Much as a House

At Hyspecs, you never know what sort of project will turn up on the doorstep. The world is full of creative people, and helping their ideas come to life is part of what Hyspecs does.

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One such project, the OMA K3 turntable & Schröder tonearm took nearly 7 years to complete. Led by our very own CEO Richard Krebs (total audio geek), the group included a Bucknell University team of professors and graduate students from the departments of engineering and physics. Also on the team were tonearm designer Frank Schröder, architect/industrial designer Ana Gugic, and Jonathan Weiss, who in 2006 founded Pennsylvania-based OMA, short for Oswalds Mill Audio.

The team at Hyspecs and Hytech were responsible for translating Richard's hand drawings into fully formed engineering drawings. While there are the obvious external parts than can be seen in the photos, there is also a lot going on inside that needed CAD drawings. Hytech out sources the manufacture of platter, arm board and all of these internal components and ships them to the US for final assembly. The cast iron chassis is made in the US, but it is machined to the drawings produced by Hytech. An awesome effort to produce one of the worlds best turntables.

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