Pukekohe Wastewater Upgrade

As part of the Pukekohe Wastewater upgrade Hyspecs supplied hydraulic powerunits, local control panels and interconnecting pipework to three sets of pinch valve trains.

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The powerunits were manufactured from 316 stainless steel and designed for a 20 year lifespan. They incorporate hydraulic accumulators for emergency closing of the pinch valves, in the unlikely event of total power or communications failure.



The powerunits and electrical panels were designed by Hyspecs in Solidworks and sent to the client for approval before manufacturing.

The electrical control panels incorporated the motor starters, PLC, battery backup and touch screen display on the door. The graphics display indicated valve positions, alarms, operating modes etc and was programmed by our Control Systems Engineer.

On site installation, pressure testing, flushing and commissioning was completed by our service department.