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Hyspecs Cartridge Catalogue

Ca 04e 5f 2-f 07d -4827-b 126-c 90d 58c 507e1Before you download the Cartridge Catalogue please make sure you have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. If you don't have it installed, a free copy can be downloaded from here.

Click here to view the Cartridge Catalogue 2012 (11.1 MB) (Please note that the links to specification sheets will not work in this version. Download the full version below for this feature.)

Alternatively to run the full version of the catalogue from your PC without an internet connection click here and download the Cartridge Catalogue 2012 (zipped) (67 MB). You will then need to extract the program by unzipping it to your desktop (double click on the file and extract all files). This process can take 10+ minutes if you run Windows XP SP2. This version of windows has security built in which significantly slows the extraction process. You may also have to unblock the file if windows decides it is untrusted. To do this right click on Cartridge Catalogue 2009 with and select properties, then unblock and OK. If you run an older version of Windows you may need to download and install a program like Winzip to extract the Cartridge Catalogue.

Once extracted open the newly created Cartridge Catalogue 2012 with links folder and double click on the Cartridge Catalogue 2012.pdf file to run the program. Note that all the files must remain in the Cartridge Catalogue 2012 Folder to function correctly. If you prefer you can cut and paste the entire folder to another location (such as C: drive) and make a shortcut to your desktop of the Cartridge Catalogue 2012.pdf file.